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Cup Match - August 2nd and 3rd

If you are thinking of visiting the Island during the summer months, we invite you to be a part of our most celebrated Cup Match two day holiday!  Celebrating Somers day and emancipation of Slavery in Bermuda.  Join us for this colorful occasion as there will be a special seat for our visitors at the Tourism tent.

There are currently no Events.

Welcome to Bermuda

Area, 53 sq km
Pop. 62, 000

The first person to set foot on the islands was the Spanish navigator Juan de Bermúdez (1503-11), but they remained uninhabited, despite visits by the Spanish and English, until Sir George Somers and a group of colonists on their way to Virginia were shipwrecked there in 1609.

Fine beaches, an excellent climate, and picturesque sites, have made Bermuda a fashionable and popular year-round resort. Semitropical produce, sales of fuel to aircraft and ships, and pharmaceuticals are among Bermuda's exports, though all are relatively minor in the overall economic picture. The British monarch, represented by a governor, is titular head of state. Bermuda is led by a prime minister and has a bicameral parliament with an appointed senate and an elected 40-member house of assembly.

*Information from Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition